School Physicals

Most schools require a physical before your child begins classes or starts participating in a sport. Leading family practitioner Yadwinder Kang, MD and his caring team at 1st Choice Urgent Care can perform your child’s physical and help you with any required paperwork. With flexible scheduling and same-day appointments, the team strives to ensure your child gets the exam they need. It’s simple to book a school physical at the Bakersfield, California clinic — either call or use the online scheduling system.

What should I expect from a school physical?

In some cases, your child’s school may have a list of certain requirements they need your doctor to evaluate, such as blood pressure. Most school physicals are relatively standardized and can include an evaluation of:

  • Routine blood work
  • Height and weight
  • Heart and lungs
  • Eyes and ears
  • Reflexes and muscle strength

Certain sports require additional evaluations before your child can participate. A sports physical often include everything from a school physical, in addition to some testing to ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in that particular sport.

How do I prepare my child for a physical?

Your child or teenager shouldn’t have to make any special preparations before their physical. Depending on your child’s age, health status, and required testing, they might need a blood test that could require them to avoid foods and beverages for a few hours. When booking your appointment, ask if your child needs to fast for a few hours beforehand.

If your child is nearing puberty — or is currently going through it — their doctor may ask them questions that are difficult to talk about. For instance, with teen girls, they may need to discuss menstrual cycles or vaginal discharge. Unless your teen is sexually active or has specific concerns, they shouldn’t need a pelvic or genital exam. But they should still be aware that their provider might need to know about some embarrassing or uncomfortable details.

Schedule your child’s school physical at 1st Choice Urgent Care by calling the clinic, or by using the online booking feature. The clinic also provides same-day appointments and walk-in visits.