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Some lacerations heal on their own with just a simple bandage; other cuts go deeper and require urgent medical attention. Whether your wound requires medical adhesive or stitches, the doctors at 1st Choice Urgent Care in Bakersfield, California provide the highest level of care possible. If you have a cut that you can’t stop from bleeding, call the office right away.

Lacerations Q & A

What is a laceration?

Lacerations, such as a cut or tearing of the skin, are a common type of wound typically caused by any sharp object. It isn’t unusual to experience lacerations during your day-to-day activities, such as cooking or gardening, or even a scratch from an overly excited pet.

When should I seek medical attention for a laceration?

Many lacerations are minor and can be treated at home with cleaning and light pressure. However, there are a few reasons a laceration might prompt a visit to 1st Choice Urgent Care:

  • You cannot stop the wound from bleeding
  • The wound is open, and the edges are separated
  • You cannot adequately clean the wound
  • Tendons, fat, or bone are visible
  • You haven’t received a tetanus shot recently

How are lacerations treated?

Treatment depends on numerous factors, including the severity and location of your laceration. Your 1st Choice Urgent Care provider most commonly approaches lacerations in the following way:

Stopping the bleeding

Your provider applies direct pressure to the laceration to stop the bleeding. If the direct pressure isn't enough, a blood pressure cuff or tourniquet may be used.

Medication and cleaning

Your provider washes the skin surrounding your laceration with soap and water, followed by saline irrigation for the wound itself. Depending on the size of the laceration, your provider may apply a topical medicine or anesthetic.

Repairing the wound

The providers at 1st Choice Urgent Care often use stitches to repair particularly large or deep lacerations. For less serious wounds, your provider may apply an adhesive medical tape or tissue glue to close the wound while it heals.

Some lacerations may require you to keep the area as still as possible during the healing process. In such cases, your provider may apply a pressurized bandage or splint to the area to minimize movement.

If you or a family member received a deep cut or wound that you think may be serious, call 1st Choice Urgent Care right away; you can also book an appointment online.