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If you’ve had a fall or accident and think you may have fractured something, let the doctors at 1st Choice Urgent Care in Bakersfield, California conduct a thorough evaluation and determine if a splint might help. The 1st Choice Urgent Care providers can expertly identify when an injury can be splinted rather than set in a cast, affording you greater comfort and mobility. Call for an appointment or book one online today.

Splinting Q & A

What is splinting?

Splinting is a form of treatment used to support and protect broken bones, torn tendons, and other limb injuries. A splint functions similarly to a cast but does not completely encase the limb.

Why do I need a splint?

Your 1st Choice Urgent Care doctor may prescribe a splint for injuries that require the affected area to remain immobile during recovery. These injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Fractures
  • Torn ligaments or tendons

Not all fractures or broken bones need splints. Your doctor conducts a thorough examination and assesses the severity of your injury to determine the best treatment for you. More severe fractures may require a cast instead of a splint.

How does a splint work?

A splint is made from plaster or fiberglass, which is lined with cotton or another soft material and held in place by an elastic bandage. Your 1st Choice provider wraps the splint around the injured area to reduce movement and keep the area as straight as possible while you heal.

Splints allow for a higher degree of swelling than casts do, and they’re typically more comfortable. Unlike a cast, you can remove a splint without your provider’s supervision.

Is wearing a splint painful?

Splints aren't usually painful to wear, though you may find the position of your splinted limb to be uncomfortable at first. Swelling may also occur in your splinted limb, which could cause temporary discomfort.

If you are experiencing increasing pain, numbness, swelling, or loss of movement in your limb, contact your doctor right away.

How do I care for my splint?

Your splint should be kept dry and clean whenever possible. If you get debris or other irritants in the splint, you can temporarily remove it to get rid of the foreign objects. Do not trim or alter your splint in any way. If your splint is becoming too uncomfortable, let your doctor know so they can address the issue.

If you’ve injured yourself and think it might be more serious than a sprain, call 1st Choice Urgent Care to schedule an appointment or book online.