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The Many Benefits of Telemedicine

In these difficult times during the pandemic, people have been more afraid than ever to visit the doctor. Screen testing for important things like breast, colon, and cervical cancer have dropped as much as 94% in recent months with evidence of a rise only just recently. Many patients need help and are not able to get essential medical needs without some contact with their doctor. This is where telemedicine has been a valuable resource.

Dr. Yadwinder Kang and 1st Choice Urgent Care offer Bakersfield, California, area residents telemedicine visits, as well as many other lab and medical needs.

Understanding telemedicine

Telemedicine is a remote method of getting medical treatment from healthcare professionals from a patient’s home or another location outside the caregiver’s office. It is often given through digital media devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets, though it can be done over the phone or through email. With the need for social distancing and staying at home, telemedicine offers medical expertise without direct contact.

How it can help

Many basic things can be managed remotely, such as renewing prescriptions, updating on minor conditions, and checking up on overall health with questions and basic observations. But telemedicine also offers:

Better access 

Telemedicine helps you avoid lengthy waits that are typical with office visits. You can schedule appointments with us and see us at the exact time, which allows you to better schedule your day. It reduces the stress of commuting to the medical office and maximizes the time with your doctor.

Preventative care 

Telemedicine allows easier access to preventative treatments for patients with limited resources. We can remotely prescribe treatments, schedule screenings, and manage most things that don’t require direct contact.

Reducing chance of infection 

Not being in the office also means lower the chances of being infected with COVID-19 or other viruses. This benefits patients and medical staff alike, and protects patients that might be sick or immunocompromised. Being at home during the visit means getting a diagnosis and treatment without the risk of getting sick from other patients.

Lower costs

Medical office fees can be expensive. Telemedicine visits eliminate office fees and give patients direct medical care. It also saves money on gas, childcare fees, and parking expenses.

Some medical conditions and needs require direct, in-office treatment, such as emergency situations and treating specialized conditions. But, for a great number of basic medical needs telemedicine offers a direct interaction with a doctor from the comfort of home on the patient’s schedule.

So, if you need a telemedicine visit in the Bakersfield, California, area, make an appointment with Dr. Kang and 1st Choice Urgent Care by phone or online and get the help you need.

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