The Flu Shot: It’s Much More Than a Shot in the Dark

There’s no mistaking the flu. The symptoms — fever, body aches, and more — come on hard and fast, with barely any warning at all. Don’t worry, you can protect yourself from the awful and lengthy discomfort of influenza. How? By getting your annual flu shot. 

It takes seconds and the protection you gain is more than worth it. Though getting vaccinated isn’t a guarantee you won’t get the flu, if you do, it’s likely you’ll suffer a milder case.

Dr. Yadwinder Kang, our resident family practitioner, has nearly two decades of experience treating patients of all ages and is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. He recommends getting your immunization well before flu season to help you stay healthy.

The team at 1st Choice Urgent Care is ready to administer your flu shot to keep you healthy from this year’s flu strain.

How serious is the flu? 

It’s important to understand that influenza is not a minor illness. If you’ve ever had the flu, you know it can flatten you for nearly two weeks. Not to mention, there are tens of thousands of deaths each year in the United States due to the flu, and a staggering 675,000 Americans died during the infamous 1918 pandemic. 

We’re lucky to have access to drugs, like Tamiflu, which shortens the duration of the flu if you become ill. But it’s far better to head this health threat off at the pass with a vaccination.

How can the flu shot protect me? 

The flu vaccine is challenging to create because the virus is constantly mutating, even within a single flu season. Each season’s vaccine is developed by researchers worldwide, including those at the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), who study innumerable virus samples that emerged the previous year. Their study involves:

Taking all this into account, researchers are tasked with creating a vaccine with a virus mix they think will best match the virus that looks to be on the horizon for the coming season.

After all this analysis, the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) is ultimately responsible for choosing which viruses will be the building blocks of the upcoming season’s vaccine in the US.

How effective is the vaccine?

Though creating the flu vaccine is highly sophisticated, there’s always some guesswork involved. An exact match would be impossible, but some years are better than others for vaccine efficacy. No matter how the flu virus mutation plays out, it’s still the best decision to protect yourself. 

Don’t delay, get a flu shot today

Get a headstart on outsmarting this year’s wily flu virus today. Contact our office to get your vaccine. You can visit us here to book your flu shot and keep yourself healthy.

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