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Back-to-School Tips for Children With Asthma or Allergies

It’s back-to-school time! While that’s exciting, it can also be a little concerning for parents of children with asthma and allergies. So what can you do to help your kids avoid attacks at school? Here are some tips to get you started.

Sep 26th, 2018
Why You Need a Flu Shot Every Year

Just because you received a flu shot last year doesn’t mean you’re protected this year. The virus evolves each season, and your antibodies become weakened over time. Find out why you need a yearly vaccine to protect yourself and those you love.

Oct 18th, 2018
Should You Be Tested for STDs?

Not showing symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have an STD. Therefore, if you’re sexually active, you should get tested regularly — symptoms or no symptoms.

Jul 20th, 2018
How to Tell if Your Cut Needs Stitches

You’re slicing vegetables for dinner when the knife slips. You’ve cut yourself, but do you need stitches? There are a few things that let you know whether to head to our urgent care center or not.

Jun 21st, 2018
5 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Heart Healthy

The heart deserves more credit. It beats an average of 2.5 billion times over your lifetime and delivers oxygenated blood and nutrients throughout your body. Adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle can help ensure your heart stays strong as you age.

May 16th, 2018
Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Spring

In their efforts to explore the world around them, kids push boundaries and accidents happen. Here are several steps you can take to greatly reduce their chances of getting hurt or becoming sick this spring.

Mar 29th, 2018